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Resin-bound driveways!

Blackpool Resin Drives City & Guilds Qualified

Covering Blackpool, St Annes, Bispham Fleetwood, Lytham, Cleveleys, Thornton & Beyond!

Resin-bound driveways across Blackpool & The Fylde Coast from West Coast Resins are an affordable driveway option that look stunning, are completely durable, environmentally friendly, self-draining and are very low maintenance.

Blackpool Resin Drives City & Guilds Qualified

About Us

Welcome to West Coast Resin Driveways covering Blackpool, St-Annes; Lytham; Fleetwood, Bispham, Poulton, Cleveleys, Thornton and the North West.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality resin-bound stone services available. We are an experienced driveway installer catering to the North West of England and pride ourselves on providing the best quality service at the lowest price.

We not only provide resin-bound stone surfaces, but we also provide additional services. Our employees are industry-trained and utilise professional, high-quality equipment to provide the highest quality finish. We use a large number of materials, so any cost savings our suppliers offer are passed on directly to our customers offering. 

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Resin Bound Driveway BEFORE / AFTER Shots.

When you are looking at resin driveway concepts, you will want to take a look at how much the process will cost you. The cost of resin driveways is reasonable when compared to the cost of installing other quality materials on your driveway. It will be even more cost-effective if the resin driveway is constructed on a preliminary sub-base such as concrete


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Resin Bound Driveway Finishes

Resin Driveways can come in various colours and styles to ensure a perfect fit for any landscape and architecture. The following is a sample of popular finishes however we advise calling for advice and availability.

Why Choose A Resin Driveway?

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why you should consider getting a resin driveway on your property.

Resin Drives are Affordable.

When you are looking at resin driveway concepts, you will want to take a look at how much the process will cost you. The cost of resin driveways is reasonable when compared to the cost of installing other quality materials on your driveway. It will be even more cost-effective if the resin driveway is constructed on a preliminary sub-base such as concrete.

How Much Do West Coast Resin Driveways Cost?

As a guide, we can say that one of our professional West Coast Resin Driveway installations will cost from £90 per square metre.

Read here for details about our pricing…

Every installation is different as it depends on the size of area, existing condition of the ground and the type of aggregate used.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate at a time to suit you.

Resin Driveways are Durable.

Resin Bound materials are water-resistant and long-lasting. They require very little maintenance and will last for many years. With resin driveway materials, you can expect both water-resistant and permeable qualities. Your driveway will last longer as a result because it will not be damaged by water. Resin materials are durable and long-lasting, hence you will get something worthwhile if you purchase a resin driveway.

Resin Driveways are Quick to Install.

In many cases, a Resin Bound driveway can be installed over your current driveway surface, which means it could be finished in a relatively short time compared to other alternatives. If your driveway needs to be fully excavated and a new permeable sub-base system created, of course it will take longer to complete depending on the amount of work to be undertaken. But overall Resin Driveways are very quick to install and can often be installed in a single day if there is already a good base.

Resin Driveways are Aesthetically Appealing.

Aesthetically pleasing driveway materials are also resin bound. Unlike gravel or block paving, resin is a material that can set your home apart from the others on your street. A better curb appeal will lead to increased homeowner satisfaction. Curb appeal is a real thing. It refers to the appearance of your home from the outside. Because of this, you should ensure that your curb appeal is strong. That is why it’s important to keep an eye on your driveway, roof, windows, siding, front door, garage door, landscaping, and more.

Resin Driveways are very Low Maintenance.

With a Resin Bound driveway, you’ll also benefit from reduced maintenance requirements. You may occasionally have to relocate bricks or stones on some driveways, or even remove weeds. However, with a Resin Bound driveway, you won’t have to deal with those hassles. This is because resin is a a long-lasting, durable material. Your driveway will remain looking excellent and in good working order for years to come.

Resin Driveways Have Excellent Drainage.

Resin Bound driveways come with natural drainage properties. Because the resin used is fully permeable, water is able to easily drain through the surface. Therefore, you will not see water from rain or hosepipes pooling on top of your resin driveway. This in turn ensures no build up of moss or mold as found with other types of driveway.

Resin Driveways are Eco-Friendly.

In case you want to buy items that are more environmentally friendly, you should think about getting a resin driveway. Resin Bound materials are manufactured from recycled materials, such as shredded car tyres or plastic straws. They are manufactured from naturally occurring marble and aggregates. You should choose resin if your purchasing choices are motivated in part by the environmental impact of the goods you purchase.

Resin Driveways Boost Home Valuation.

A driveway made of resin can increase the value of your home, in addition to making it more enjoyable and eye-catching. Homebuyers are typically drawn to the quality of the material and its ability to catch the eye of others in a positive way. Your home is likely your biggest investment, and it pays to maintain and improve it. A resin driveway may provide aesthetic as well as monetary benefits,.

West Coast Resin Drives Local Experts

We do driveway conversions across the North West, providing a personal and highly professional service. Our highly trained and licensed paving specialists specialise in all elements of driveways and pavement, working on both commercial and residential projects. We take great delight in our incredible local reputation and the total happiness of our fantastic clientele.

At West Coast Resin Drives, we offer an excellent service that includes the sale and installation of block paving drives and resin driveways.

Many clients have been pleased with our comprehensive choice of high-quality resin bound goods;

  • New Drives
  • Pathways
  • School Grounds
  • Car Parks

Our full product line offers a broad selection of colour and texture possibilities, as well as natural aggregates, marble, and recycled materials. It offers nearly endless design alternatives for landscape architects, designers, developers, and homeowners, making it perfect for both new construction and restoration projects.

Please contact us at 01253 366017.


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