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How Much Do Blackpool Resin Drives Cost?

A Resin Bound driveway is a beautiful and functional method to add instant curb appeal to your house. Resin Bound provides a luxury aesthetic that may be both traditional and contemporary, and it works well with properties of various ages and styles.

Resin-bound driveways are visually appealing, need minimal maintenance, and are simple to clean.

They are also permeable, which eliminates unsightly puddles. Finally, Resin Bound is SUDS compliant, which means no planning permission is necessary as long as a proper foundation or a soakaway is utilised.

Resin Bound is the fastest growing surface solution in the UK due to its unique set of features.

What is the price of a resin driveway?

The cost of a Resin Bound driveway, like any other property development project, is determined by a variety of criteria, including the size and form of the area, the dried aggregates and kind of resin used, and the condition of the foundation before the installation.


One of the most significant contributory parts to a successful, dependable, and beautiful Resin Bound driveway is the resin utilised in the system.

We strongly advise using only UV-resistant resins for exterior Resin Bound surfaces.

Although non-UV resistant resin is less expensive than UVR resin, the effects obtained are considerably different. When exposed to sunlight, non-UV resin darkens, resulting in uneven shade; for example, the area where your car is parked, or beneath wheelie bins or plant pots, will darken and stand out from regions that are always exposed to sunshine – and this may frequently happen in as little as two weeks.

If you adore the consistent, even finish of Resin Bound, we strongly advise that UVR resin be used.


West Coast Resins us the UK’s number one brand in Resin Bound aggregates, which provides the most colour options in the UK.

This is a magnificent collection of 48 dry gravel colours comprised of various aggregate sizes and textures, with colours spanning the spectrum.


The length of time it takes to build your driveway depends depend on its size and the quantity of preparation necessary. A crew of at least three people is usually necessary, and on average, 70-150 square metres is covered every day.


The final cost of your Resin Bound driveway may be affected by its shape. Simpler shapes, such as a straight-edged rectangle, are quicker to install and hence take less time.

More elaborate shapes, on the other hand, will naturally require more time to instal and will result in a greater fee from your installer because they take longer to finish.


Resin Bound’s adaptability and accuracy result in highly detailed designs with numerous colours that may be used as part of the overall design.

The more intricate the design, the longer it will take to finish. The end outcome, on the other hand, is definitely worth it! You have the option of having several gravel colours, geometric forms, logos, emblems, or letters.

Resin Bound allows you to personalise your driveway, patio, path, or surface in ways that loose gravel or other forms of tarmac just cannot.


Rain and resin do not get along. If your Resin Bound driveway is installed during a rainy season, or if rain is expected on the intended installation date, it is critical that you do not put pressure on the installer to complete the work in conditions that may harm the finished result. A minor delay is preferable than a ruined surface, which might be quite costly.


The significance of the base’s condition cannot be overstated. Prior to laying Resin Bound, a damaged or uneven base will need to be repaired, levelled, and cleaned. Any necessary repair work will be recommended and costed by us.


When comparing quotations, it is critical to examine the suggested depth of Resin Bound surface. A depth of at least 18mm should be used for surfaces that will be utilised for vehicles and other high loads, such as driveways, whilst 15mm may be used for surfaces that do not need to resist as much weight (such as porches and footpaths).


Edging is another crucial component of a Resin Bound driveway, pathway, or patio that will enhance the overall appearance. There are several alternatives available, including setts and beading, and each will cost differently.

Discuss your project’s edging possibilities with us; we will be able to clarify corresponding expenses.

How much does a Resin driveway cost per square metre?

Labour expenses will vary depending on installation and location, but as a general rule, a Resin Bound overlay will cost around £50-£80 per m2 (excluding any base preparation). This is only a suggestion; the actual cost may be greater or lower depending on the criteria indicated above.

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